A Road 

Here on the road less traveled  

Seeking refuge in the clouds 

Here on the road less traveled  

Far from voices of the crowd 

Here on the road less traveled  

Solace of trees do resound

Here on this road I landed

I found myself at peace

Here on this road I landed

Where beauty’s in every crease

Here on this road my travels

All brought me to this place.



Maybe it's too broken
Been cracked too many times
Fallen and bruised too blue

Still trying to fill it up
But it all seeps out too quick
Nothing holds inside

No light, no air
No love, no hate
Everything just dissipates

It's just an empty vase
Shattered and tattered
Yet it stays put

Perhaps the right fix
A very special stitch
Or super strong glue

Maybe the answer is you

Fear & Dread 

Is it fear or is it dread,
That stirs up in my head,
That turns my gut into led,
That makes me want to run instead?

Is it free falling I fear?
Fallacious vows I hear?
Whispered wishes in my ear?
That love will suddenly appear?

Do I dread that it will end?
Or fear what I intend?
Will it be another trend?
Again a trap I did portend.

But as it churns within me,
Rogue waves in a black sea,
My lust for affinity
Proves my lack of divinity.

Fear and Dread begin to tease,
A familiar unease,
No promise can appease,
And yet, I…

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I made a promise to myself...
and then I broke it.
A promise to someone else,
I make sure to keep it.

I will forgo my plans
To assuage others.
Bend over backwards
To satisfy their plans.

If I believe
”Do unto others...”
Yet I don’t do unto myself
As I would do...

It may be high time
To make myself
A better friend of mine.


A Day Like Any Day 

     Sun or shine
     Work at hand
     They demand
     Feed them hay
     Slop some whey
     Keep moving
     It's in Doing
     Life is found
     Comes around.

Not Much To Say 

Somedays, there's not much to say.
     Words have no meaning, 
          Fail to translate
            the quagmire of ruminations
            that slither themselves into knots
            like contortionist Cnidaria.

Somedays, thoughts are too scattered.
     Ideas have no weight,
          Float in a pit
            so infinitely void of substance
            they dissipate in the vortex
            of a star extinguished to black.

Somedays, it's too much to express.
     Truth remains buried,
          Trapped in…

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Did Femida go missing
The day Bill killed the Buffalo?
Alas, it was long before then.

Femida had disappeared,
     in 1842,
When Elphinstone's men
     died at Gandamak.

Femida wasn't there,
     in 1838,
To stop Colonel Snodgrass
     at Waterloo Creek.

Femida was long gone,
     in 1822,
When the Ottoman Malitia
     slayed forty thousand Greeks.

Femida might have cried,
     in 1812,
To see Wellington's men
     turn from hell hounds to heaps
     of blood soaked bodies after
     raping and robbing to siege a town

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American Man 

"I'm not political,"
     he says,
While stripes and stars
Adorn his back,
And war cries bark
Across his chest.

"I'm not a bigot,"
     he swears.
"But don't jew me,"
He jokes and winks.
"Why should I care,
How others live."

"I don't support the wars,"
     he balks.
"But I am free
Thanks to those men.
I honor them,
Now that they're dead."

"I'm part Indian," 
     he grins. 
Support Our Troops! 
His cap exclaims. 
"Some had to die, 
Just how it is."

"I'm proud of my country,"
     he boasts.
Cheats on taxes,
To pay the bills.

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Illegitimate Man 

Let me spare you from your demise,
Too short sighted to recognize.
It’s nothing to me, got nothing to lose;
But your pitfall will make us both fools.

Your tactics are less than unique.
Confiding your woes makes you look meek.
Telling me you want to make me your muse, 
Did you expect that to make me swoon? 

What is it with your kind of guy? 
What is it with me that trips your eye? 
Don’t tell me I’ve been trapped in your head, 
That you’re getting out and want me instead. 

Your offer is disappointing, 
More than that…

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The Things We Are Not 

There's a lot of things
I never thought I'd do...

There's a hundred things
I never knew I'd be...

There's a thousand things
I never said to you...

There's a million things
I cast away into the sea...

But in the end,
Those things are just things.

I am this me,
right here and now.
And, I see you,
And, you see me.
And, that's enough,
So let it be.

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