American Man

"I'm not political,"
     he says,
While stripes and stars
Adorn his back,
And war cries bark
Across his chest.

"I'm not a bigot,"
     he swears.
"But don't jew me,"
He jokes and winks.
"Why should I care,
How others live."

"I don't support the wars,"
     he balks.
"But I am free
Thanks to those men.
I honor them,
Now that they're dead."

"I'm part Indian," 
     he grins. 
Support Our Troops! 
His cap exclaims. 
"Some had to die, 
Just how it is."

"I'm proud of my country,"
     he boasts.
Cheats on taxes,
To pay the bills.
Others need welfare?
Not on his dime!

But, he's not political,
     you see.
So why should he 
     take responsibility?