The Detangler

Ariel Zevon

Wry, heartbreaking & often humorous tales of modern love & life on a digitized planet, brilliantly delivered by one of Vermont's newest & most original voices.

The Detangler © 2018 Thunder Ridge Records All songs by Ariel Zevon © 2018 Ariel Zevon/Horse Thief Publishing/BMI Produced, recorded & mixed by Kristina Stykos at Pepperbox Studio, Chelsea VT Mastered by Fred Kevorkian, Kevorkian Mastering, NYC Package design & layout by Dawn Patrol, LA Photography by Mark Collier

"We began this "experiment" a few years ago with no idea where it might lead... A couple of winters later and after many twists and turns in hearts, minds and souls, an album has materialized...

It might've been good enough to have created the songs and sent them out into the airwaves and cyber tubes...but, we are old schoolers and tactile folk. Nothing beats an album you can hold in your hand, read, flip through artwork and pictures while you studiously listen to each new song. So, we decided we wanted to honor our work by putting it out on CDs that we could physically send or hand to people. Hence, our Kickstarter campaign ... which was successful in raising us $5,000 towards our costs!

For us, this is a project of love and passion, healing and creating. Our intention is not to fill our pockets with gold. Any money generated that is over and beyond our costs to make the album will go to causes that support Food Sovereignty and the Health and Peace of our Planet. "

  • Ariel Zevon

Producer Kristina Stykos writes:

"I met Ariel in an old, abandoned department store somewhere between the shoe rack & the lawn furniture, back in 2006. She had an apron on, and was probably trying to push a commercial oven up the back staircase by herself or something like that. She’s a bit of a D-I-Y freak, if you haven’t noticed. Oh, I guess I am too. I was probably carrying a guitar in one hand and a P.A. system in the other, trying to get it all through a door stuck open about five inches. Both of us are in our element when the odds are nil and the needle reading is pinned to “impossible”. So naturally when I asked her if she’d like to make a record, it was rather like asking her to paint the ceiling using a toe nail clipper. She jumped on the idea with the enthusiasm of someone who had just been invited to the prom and been given a paper bag to wear. This is the spirit in which we launched our rickety canoe into the uncharted, raging river of self-discovery called “making a record”.

Here in Vermont, practically everything artistic is a neighborly, crafty affair, oft known as “an experiment”. That way if you fail, you just sweep up and call it a day. There is still wood to split, goats to milk and a sweet quiet at the end of the day filling up the muddy dooryard. We consider ourself lucky if our friends live within 50 miles. That’s not such a bad drive. Why, on a spring day just think of how many birdcalls and frog tweets might flood in through the car window between here and there? Ariel didn’t think anything of motoring out in all kinds of weather to make our sessions at my studio on the mountain. Debriefing the twists of life over hot tea and fresh fruit tart, we took our first baby steps. The songs began as snippets on crumpled papers & iPhone recordings and grew bigger wings; raw, rambunctious, powerful, deceptively tender, they began to populate my brain.

It’s true, we seem to be pushing upstream against the sway of a world gone insane. But projects like this prove that building from the ground up, we can exercise integrity in our process and make something of value to be passed, heart to heart. That’s all it is. And you’re going to like it."


  1. Refugee Without a Nation Ariel Zevon: lead vocal, guitar Kristina Stykos: acoustic & electric guitars, mandolin, keyboard, bass, backup vocal Jeff Berlin: drums & percussion

  2. Cold Hearted Empath Ariel Zevon: vocal Kristina Stykos: acoustic & electric guitars, bass, backup vocals Neal Massa: piano Jeff Berlin: drums

  3. Lonely Boat Ariel Zevon: vocal Kristina Stykos: electric guitar, keyboard, bass Patrick Ross: cello Matt Musty: drums & percussion

  4. Solitary Union Ariel Zevon: vocal, piano

  5. Digitize My Heart Ariel Zevon: vocals, piano Kristina Stykos: acoustic & electric guitars, keyboard, bass, drum

  6. World of Our Sin Ariel Zevon: vocal Kristina Stykos: acoustic guitar, keyboards, bass Val McCallum: electric guitar Matt Musty: drums & percussion

  7. I’ll Be A Curse Ariel Zevon: lead vocal, piano Kristina Stykos: acoustic guitar, keyboards Val McCallum: electric guitar, bass, backup vocals Matt Musty: drums & percussion

  8. The Detangler Ariel Zevon: lead vocal Kristina Stykos: acoustic guitar, uke, keyboard, bass Gary Hubbard: trumpet Jeff Berlin: drums & percussion Abby Jenne: backup vocals

  9. Je Maintiendrai Ariel Zevon: vocal Kristina Stykos: acoustic guitar, keyboard, bass Patrick Ross: cello Jeff Berlin: drums & percussion

  10. Better Than Ariel Zevon: vocal
    Kristina Stykos: keyboard, bass Val McCallum: acoustic & electric guitars Matt Musty: drums & percussion

  11. Bawlin’ Ariel Zevon: lead vocal, backup vocal Kristina Stykos: bass, keyboards, uke, acoustic guitar Gary Hubbard: trumpet Matt Musty: drums & percussion Abby Jenne: backup vocal

  12. Bitches Cry Too Ariel Zevon: lead vocal Kristina Stykos: acoustic & electric guitars, mandola, uke, keyboards, bass, backup vocals Gary Hubbard: trumpet Matt Musty: drums & percussion Lani McKay: backup vocals

  13. Ice Queen Ariel Zevon: vocal, piano

  14. My Fickle Heart Ariel Zevon: vocal Patrick Ross: fiddle Patrick (Pappy) Biondo: banjo Val McCallum: guitar

  15. Holy Planet Ariel Zevon: vocals Kristina Stykos: acoustic guitar, keyboard Val McCallum: electric guitar Jeff Berlin: drums & percussion

  16. Stupid Lovely Song Ariel Zevon: vocal Patrick (Pappy) Biondo: banjo

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