Illegitimate Man

Let me spare you from your demise,
Too short sighted to recognize.
It’s nothing to me, got nothing to lose;
But your pitfall will make us both fools.

Your tactics are less than unique.
Confiding your woes makes you look meek.
Telling me you want to make me your muse, 
Did you expect that to make me swoon? 

What is it with your kind of guy? 
What is it with me that trips your eye? 
Don’t tell me I’ve been trapped in your head, 
That you’re getting out and want me instead. 

Your offer is disappointing, 
More than that it’s revolting. 
I’ll bide my time, content and alone. 
Don’t think I’m at all tempted by your bone. 

So long and farewell, I'm doing fine.
Your problems with her are not mine. 
In fact, I really do not give a shit. 
Independent and free, I am legit.

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