Weekly Digest

Every morning, I get up,
Sip salvation from my cup.
Thanks, I'll skip the daily bread,
Fill my head with news instead.
Then it's tend to this and tend to that.
Breathe and act normal, feed the cat.
Then back to the newsreel,
Like a trapped rat in a wheel,
Of who's who and who's died?
A thousand times they say he lied.
Keep scrolling, keep swiping.
Will they ever cease their griping?
Sun has peaked, get back on task.
Whatever the neighbor's done, don't ask.
Back at it, work on that, work on this.
Relieve some pressure, take a piss.
Every night I sit and dine,
Tell myself it'll all be fine.
Scuffle off to end this day.
In sleep, the reality is cast away.

It's morning again, sun is up...
Will anyone cry "the jig is up"?
Or will we keep grinding that axe,
Til we whittle away, ignore the fact...
Repeating each day, again like the last
Will crush us to dust, and wicked fast.


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