The Promised Land

Come one, come all,
      Welcome to the Promised Land!

Nevermind the truth, it's only an illusion.
To reveal the hoax will only cause confusion.
Our denial is our national persuasion.
The wool on our eyes is too thick for revision.

Step right in to the Promised Land!

This is where
      Freedom is a magic trick.
            Cages look like pretty houses,
            And, iron bars like picket fences.

Forget the life you left behind!

      Over there,
            You may have held the highest ranking;
            Or, you may have been killed escaping.

Dream with us of wealth and beauty!

      All but fair,
            But you'll have to start from scratch,
            And, we'll treat you like a dog: play catch!

Follow us to the Promised Land!

It's all an empty pyramid scheme,
Everything is nothing but what is seems.
Once you buy in, there's no way out.
We have plenty of pills to chill you out.

Come in, come in,
      Enter the gates to the Promised Land!

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