No Allegiance

This is my own personal Statement of Independence,
In and of itself, it is Self Righteous and Entitled.
My truth is born out of an Ego, a Story of who I am,
Which is just


Nihilistic Declaration

Here comes my very own
Nihilistic Declaration
Self Righteous Indignation
You're FREE to change the Station.

Can you imagine a life
That gives you the option
To ride private jets to your child's games?
You can't be bothered…

Why the Stix

With summertime buzzing by quick as ever, and new projects creeping into the forefront to take center stage in my obsessive mind, the blogging as a means to keep in touch with those who seek news from the Stix has…


About the Songs

This one is for Nikki, my oldest friend here on the Blog Block, dating back to middle school, late '80s in Ashland, OR (if you read prior post you might recall that Oregon was my mother's last ditch attempt to…


Knaves & Dupes

Since it is that day of the year when many, nay most, Americans are waving flags and eating hot dogs, standing in the sweltering heat to watch the parades go by on Main Street, drinking beers by the pool or…

Blog #2: We are here and growing!

As I stated in the first blog, I have no planned intention with this business of blogging except to keep a means for free communication with friends old and new, known in person or on line, far and wide OPEN…

Freedom to Blog

Hello to whomever has landed here... How did you land here? I imagine that I am typing into a vast void of receptive readers, but perhaps you will prove me mistaken! How jolly fun that would be to see that…