No Allegiance

This is my own personal Statement of Independence,
In and of itself, it is Self Righteous and Entitled.
My truth is born out of an Ego, a Story of who I am,
Which is just that: a Story...


I pledge no allegiance 
      to the rag,
      to a carrot dangling
            from the hands of Knaves.
Nor to a nation of Thieves
      who perpetrate amnesia
With propaganda and coercion
      to forget the pillaged,
      to betray all codes of ethics,
All in the name of false Gods.
Gods created in the minds of men,
      who stop at nothing to fill their cups;
      who create division to excuse more wars,
            and train the drones to be Indivisible;
       who sacrifice the liberties of many
            to secure their seat in the house
                 designed to keep the masses
                       Slaves to the Ballots they cast
                              and wave proudly to prove they are free.
This justice is a lie they market
      and their soldiers enforce it.
            Soldiers in rags,
            Soldier in malitias,
            Soldier in suits,
                  Soldiers in sheep's clothing
                        blind to their own demise.

No, I pledge no allegiance,
      NOT because they give me the Freedom,
            to SPEAK,
            to BELIEVE,
            nor to bear their arms.
Those are not rights granted,
      because the few deem me worthy. 
If I accept that doctrine,
      I must serve;
      I must obey;
      I must submit to a master
            and admit I am a slave.

I pledge no allegiance,
      because the Sun will rise
            by no power of any man.

I pledge no allegiance,
      because the Wind will blow
            and topple the thrones of men.

I pledge no allegiance,
      because the Earth will turn
            and mend all our wrongs.


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