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Hello to whomever has landed here... How did you land here? I imagine that I am typing into a vast void of receptive readers, but perhaps you will prove me mistaken! How jolly fun that would be to see that someone minds my activities on-line enough to have made their way onto this very first blog page on my very own (well, under the managerial custody of HostBaby) website...


This is a test.

(in case that wasn't already obvious)


I have not planned what I will blog about. The impetus to create a blog space of my very own has been triggered by my recently being silenced on the FaceBook platform. FB has not yet banned me permanently, but if the battle continues on as it has now for several weeks, then I suspect FB and I will sever ties soon enough. What a freedom! Look here, it is already motivating me to write out this blog! Which meant I first had to take the time to research how to even blog, which for this luddite took a fair amount of time (thankfully, it is a rainy day, good reason to take time in computer land). The reason FB has deemed my input worthy enough to BLOCK/CENSOR/SILENCE is scandalous, or ought to be in my book. I re-posted a beautiful pictorial article on a tribe of people living in the Sudan. The photographs illustrate moments in time of these people living off their piece of the earth, in symbiotic harmony. The photographers Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher spent over 30 years taking photos of ceremonies, rituals and the daily life of African tribal peoples. I strongly suggest anyone who is not familiar to check it out, beauty to behold . I cannot conceive a legitimate reason why these photos would be banned except for the blind-sighted power grab of a neo-conservative type of bigoted censorship system. FaceBook claims the images go against their "Community Standards of nudity and sexual content" which in my view makes them the perverts and sheltered idiots...

In any case...that battle has led me to here. Where I hope I and anyone out there who lands here and wants to join in the conversation can discuss such ideas, lifestyles, customs and cultures FREELY. So, this blog is a form of resistance. I am not yet sure it will work or pan out or create anything meaningful...but here's to trying!



glad I ran into you at the Sept. 20 Climate Strike march in Lyndon. I've missed your posts on FB and I found out from my sister that you have a blog. I'm psyched to read your posts again.
So good to find you here, outside the reach of corporate censors.
Love it! More please et merci beaucoup💥
Knaves and Dupes has been my anthem today, and so fucking relevant with the tank strewn shit show on the mall... Missing you!!
I'm the Caledonia County Chair of the Vermont Progressive Party. Have you ever considered running for State House against our current rep. Marsha Martel?
Hooray for you. Your Mom sent me. You got heart...just find some kid to hook you up with voice recognition. No typing..and you can rap in the dark. American needs to ELECT MORE MOMS. I just might run yours for US Senator of West Virginia. She won't have to move to be a candidate...only WHEN she wins. Smiling for you.
Love your tenacity! I support your commitment to beauty.
I’m here too. Text or call when you can. Love you!
Hey French girl....writing a blog can lead to new songs. I don't know if your process is as painful as your father claimed his was but writing is writing. Bob Dylan's crazy book Tarantula is just a song he could not find a stopping point for.
Hi Ariel. Keep up the good fight kid
I dig it!
Woof woof woof, go Ariel. I look forward to your blog. Your articles and pictures are great. Facebook sucks. Your mom had me sign up to mewi, I think is the name. I have it but don't know how to use it. I'm illiterate and challenged when it comes to things like that. I hope you are collecting emails of the faithful and send things to us.
I’m one of your mom’s friends. Through her page I have been impressed with all of your endeavors. I hope you don’t mind that I follow your blog. With the world bogged down with lies and mediocracy, it’s exciting to follow your intense path for what’s real. Good luck
Rock on Ariel!!!
Congratulations Ariel! Followed the link that your wonderful mom posted and here I am.
Off to a great start! Congratulations
Hey sister soldier. It's funny -- I've been wondering about the best way to permanently end my relationship with Facebook, and maybe what you've done here (the classic kid leaves the nest by forcing a shove-out prompted by tough-yet-principled rebellion) is the way to do it. It's so easy to get sucked back in because the history of the place becomes connected to our sense of self, but when we make a point to demonstrate the platform's limitations on our expression, all that "history" gets revealed for the shallow bullshit it is. Anyway, I admire your demand that Facebook break up with you in all of your authenticity. I don't want to lose touch with you again, so I'll be popping in here and commenting. Perhaps I'll be inspired to reignite my own blog, which got just two posts from me. Maybe someday we'll get a chance to collaborate on something, the way we talked about writing the horror film script about the possessed flute, but this time with the music and the poetry and the passion and the rage that will push the world off its axis. In the meantime, I'm here, listening and fangirling in that friend-from-middle-school kind of way. Much love. Nikki
You go Girl!
Your mom sent me here :-) She is your biggest fan! My husband left FB some time ago, and I think about it often, but I don't know any other platform that has the organizing reach as FB. Social media is critical to movement building and policy change. I look forward to following your blog. You are a very good writer.
What a wonderful writer you are, Ariel. Decades have flown by since you came to Paris and I am still there-same location. A lifetime rich in experience, a moveable feast. Sending warm thoughts.
did you leave FB because of me? I am just gonna follow you wherever you go. soooooo
i see you here. cool
I'm here, Ariel!! Blog on, girl!!
I love you Woman! I hear you roar.
Is there a way that comments can appear under the blog post? Or, maybe they do. Anyway, good start. Keep going.

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