Blog #2: We are here and growing!

As I stated in the first blog, I have no planned intention with this business of blogging except to keep a means for free communication with friends old and new, known in person or on line, far and wide OPEN and available. Thus you can imagine my absolute delight with each and every one of you that has tuned in and taken a moment to read and write a comment! Truly fantastic!! Just what I needed to give me the momentum to keep writing. Seems a much better use of time than the mindless thumb scrolling I regretfully find myself doing several times a day. I peruse the feeds when I have a lull, a moment of down time. I can recall a time not so long ago when we didn't have news feeds to scroll (and calling them "news feeds" seems a grave misrepresentation of what they really are), which meant that in our free time we might talk to the person we were with, or read a chapter in a printed book, or listen to music, or just observe our surroundings, observe the REAL world around us happening in REAL time. What does it mean that we are losing the genuine experience of existing in the spontaneity of whatever IS? What will my sons grow up to be like, I often wonder. They spend so much of their days and nights interacting with their screens and literally missing life's drama which is unfolding all around them. Clueless. Or careless. Or both. It can give me nightmares if I let it.

But I digress...

So, here we are! Hello! Thank you for joining me here! What should we discuss? The one thing about "blogging" is it feels so one sided. I feel like the spotlight is on me to keep things interesting enough to be worth all of our time. Additionally feels presumptuous to assume anyone needs or wants to read my thoughts spewed out publicly... but then again, y'all are here and have said some encouraging and supportive things. Therefore, I am compelled to do my very best!

What should we discuss? Comment below with topics, questions, your own perspectives. Maybe it will inspire some brilliant writings out of me... or lead to good discussions in the thread. Only one rule, let us SPEAK OUR MINDS FREELY. After all, that's what got us here.

Doesn't feel complete without a picture, so here is one from my childhood...way back in the days when cell phones didn't exist, no one had computers at home, and when you left your house with it's land line telephone and TV with an antennae, you interacted with the people you crossed paths with... (that's me on the far right)


I'd like to hear about your process as a writer. Do your songs begin with a hook, an image, a chord? Is there a phrase you can't get out of your head that becomes a song? What is your process for capturing those inspirations before a distraction sets in and wipes it away? One of my favorite poems is David Ray's poem "The Greatest Poem in the World" because of how aptly it speaks of that loss. Anyway, I'd be interested to hear about your creative process.
So glad you have taken this step. I smiled at the photo because I recognized the young person who looked like Gus and figured that was you! With regard to "thumbing" out of boredom, I do it, too, and then am stunned by how much it intensifies my boredom. Fran Lebowitz made the observation that we are going to lose writers because we are looking at a screen rather than observing humans in the moment. That is a stark commentary. Write on!
Ariel, I think Crystal's idea is a lovely one. I would love to hear about your life, whatever you want to share. I have been very careful to not ask questions of the Zevons, but I'm all ears for anything you want to write about. You are such an interesting person, that your life must have been as well. I am anxious to hear as you go through your years about the driving forces that led you to a non-capitalistic, co-op, sustainable Earth lifestyle. And, your music, and anything, so blog away! Peace, Noz. I share your despair about the screen thing, and I had to get tough: no phones at meals and no checking phones when we are having family time. If they must be on their phones, then please find another room. I know it sounds severe, but shutting everyone else out is just plain thoughtless, clueless, rude, whatever you want to call it. I don't have many rules at home, but this one is not negotiable.
Maybe you could start by telling a little tale of that photo... of France, of your childhood summers and holiday's on Mamie's farm in Vendee? How life has progressed and where you find yourself now. This photo made me tear up a bit... always a longing for those days gone by. Seems now like a time of such innocence and hope. I fight despair on a daily basis... not for my life which has been rich and full, but for the times we live in. I'm about to leave for the Tucson Federal Courthouse where the prosecutors in Scott Warren's case will let us know if they've decided to drop the case or prosecute anew after a hung jury in the last trial. This photo somehow gives me some hope...

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